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Welcome to our web site . . .


Here you'll find photos and memories from family events, holidays, vacations, and visits with our kids and grandkids, parents, family and friends. You might find some news about our church, work, schooling, and hobbies. And anything else that we find interesting or unusual or just worth remembering.


Like life, this is a work in progress so stop back often to see what's new, what's changed, and what's happening with us. From Missouri to Florida, Kansas, and Michigan to points across the country and around the world. you just never know where we might be and what we'll be up to.


... visit our web blog for our latest family stories, photos, news, and more.

Some other links to check out:


A photo gallery from our recent cruise vacation.


The wonderful and memorable weddings of
Kristy & Cam (2003) and Kim & Doug (2004).


We'll get more of the links working soon to photos of our grandkids, some of our vacations and family events and visits, even modifications to Greg's car.

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