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Mexico Mission

Greetings to our family and friends!  2006 was another exciting and blessed year in the DeWilde family and household, as we were able to be with our kids for the birth of not one but two granddaughters! Gabriella (Ella) Marie Lawson was born to Kim & Doug in Lenexa, Kansas, on June 25. She’s the younger sister to William who was born in 2005. Just four months later their cousin, Ruth Kristine Greenhaw, was born on October 3 to Kristy & Cameron in Tampa, Florida. We’re so thankful to God for these beautiful little girls and their families. And that despite the distances, we’ve been able to visit with the kids and grandkids a number of times already to enjoy the two babies and watch Will grow so quickly.

Kitty revised her house-cleaning schedule so that she only works every other week. That left her free to visit the KC grandkids as often as twice a month (which Kim & Doug seemed to appreciate). Greg’s busy at work, though thankfully not traveling as much, remained involved as a lay leader at our church, and continued to close in on his Master of Divinity degree at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN. What didn’t happen in 2006 was getting some needed maintenance done on our house as it seemed every month brought another visit with family whether in St. Louis or elsewhere around the country. We’re not complaining … continued below




Photos to come soon -

we promise!







January found us in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the Bethel Seminary campus for a week of Greg’s classes – why he keeps scheduling these on-campus visits for January remains one of life’s mysteries. And that’s when Kristy let us know she was pregnant … both daughters at the same time! When we were home we kept busy on the weekends continuing our volunteer ministry as pastor/chaplain at a local retirement center. Spending time with these senior, seasoned saints is always a highlight of the week for us.

We got away for several days in March to visit with Kitty’s parents in Estero, FL, and Kristy and Cameron in Tampa (we just had to see Kristy while she was expecting!). In the middle of that visit we caught up with Carol, Paul, and Bradley (Kitty’s sister and family) for a 4-night cruise to the Bahamas onboard Disney’s Wonder. What a blast! And so much fun traveling with young Bradley to help us all enjoy this as kids at heart.

Two weekends in April found us visiting Branson, MO, and relaxing at Tara Point – a wonderful bed & breakfast near us sitting on top of the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois rivers. In 20+ years of living in Missouri we hadn’t made it to Branson. What a fun place! So much to see and do, or just relax and enjoy. Shopping shows, food, and scenery will draw us back before too long. Easter Sunday we once again participated in the community worship service at a local park amphitheater, and Greg was asked to play God in the morning’s drama! It was an honor to worship in that way, and the local evening news even showed some of it. Greg took some ribbing from friends and co-workers, but it opened some doors for us to share our faith and beliefs.

The warmer weather of May was great to watch our first Cardinals baseball game in the new downtown Busch Stadium. We made it to a second game in September (they won both times!) and then enjoyed the fall playoffs and of course the World Series.

Greg tried to buy a motorcycle this year (it had a little to do with turning 50), but Kitty was having none of that (the voice of reason and sanity). So a compromise was needed and on Memorial Day Greg picked up a new Pontiac G6 GTP coupe. Something about driving a bright metallic orange sports car just made easing into mid-life a little easier. Growing up in auto company families near the Motor City, we knew we had to do some tinkering with this car to make it look and sound even sportier. It does turn some heads and we may enter it in a few local car shows in 2007.

June was an emotional roller coaster. The first weekend we hosted Greg’s parents, aunts and uncles, and other family members as they gathered for a memorial service for Greg’s paternal grandmother at our church. This was a celebration of her life and a time for the family – who are spread across the country – to share stories and catch up with each other. It was so good to visit with family, some of whom we hadn’t seen in many years  Immediately after that weekend our faithful 15-year-old dog, Bear, had a stroke and we had to say good-bye to him. This was a very difficult time for Kitty, especially. But God provided encouragement and excitement through new life just a couple of weeks later when Ella was born. How wonderful to see Will and his new sister together, and to see Kim & Doug’s family growing. What a month!

During the Summer we made a road trip across Michigan to visit family and escape some of the Midwest heat. Two couples we know in St. Louis asked Greg to preside over marriage vows: a wedding for one couple and renewal of vows at a 25th anniversary celebration for the other. And there was plenty to do at our church and with friends in the neighborhood.

But we kept counting down the days until our third grandchild was due. October 2nd we flew to Tampa to be there when Ruthie was born. We are so excited for Kristy & Cam! We stuck around until they came home with Ruth, then left for a weekend Bahamas cruise while they got settled in as a family. A quick stop to see Kitty’s parents and to see the kids and our newest granddaughter again, then it was all too soon to go home and get ready for Fall.

Greg returned to Mexico for a long weekend in November to participate in the same house-building mission we went on last year. It seemed a little easier this year, maybe because he knew what to expect. Still, he came home tired and with some sore muscles, but also really happy that another needy family had a new home to make their lives a little easier. Kim and Doug hosted a lot of Greg’s side of the family for Thanksgiving. The Lord blessed us with a great time to enjoy all three of the little ones together with their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents!

Christmas found us again traveling around Michigan to be with as much of the family as we could (sadly no kids or grandkids as we had to share them with the rest of their families). But we were glad to be at the wedding of Mandy & Mike (Greg’s brother) at their home just two days after Christmas. It was a wonderful, intimate ceremony and reception.

Another very full and busy year! One that kept us going almost constantly. And a year we will remember for a long time. We know we are truly blessed to enjoy this life, and our prayers are always that you also enjoy the outpouring of God’s grace in all of your lives.

The new year is likely to bring more travel for Greg once again (but nothing like 2005), and Kitty is juggling her work schedule to make more time to visit and help with the grandkids as often as she can. If you can catch us at home we’d love to have you stop in for a visit, but it’s more likely we’ll be coming to see many of you in 2007. Keep up with us and stay in touch with our whole family right here at our web site ( and through our weblog (

God bless you throughout 2007 and always,

        Greg & Kitty

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